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VIP HH Reviews Information
« on: July 04, 2017, 08:46:04 AM »
Thread Rules as of July 4th 2017.

Who is this thread for?

1. Pokerweasel VIP members get 20 professional evaluations included with their purchase. After 20 posts are made, please post in the regular HH evaluation section or purchase additional pro hand evaluations. If you post here by accident, don't worry, your hands will be transferred.

Please note that this only applies to students who picked up the VIP package after February 2017. The offer was not included in the earlier VIP packages and cannot be applied retro-actively. However, you will receive a discount on any purchased hand evaluations as outlined in part 3.

2. Students. As of July 4th 2017, students will receive professional hand history analysis included with their session.

40 min session - 2 * pro hand evaluations
60 min session - 3 * pro hand evaluations
90 min session - 4 * pro hand evaluations

Please note that this offer starts on July 4th 2017. I can't give hand evaluations for sessions taken in the past.

3. Purchasers. If you are just here for the hand analysis, it is possible to buy pro hand evaluations at the following rate.

10 hands - $25
25 hands - $50
50 hands - $90
100 hands - $150

Note that VIP members and students who have taken at least 5 sessions can post pro hand evaluations at a flat rate of $1.50/hand.

What do I need to do?

Just because you are on my Skype doesn't automatically mean I know what your forum alias is. You will have to ship me a private message here on the forums or on Skype letting me know who you are and how many posts you'd like. Even for VIP members, it's necessary that you send me a quick private message before I can start evaluating your 20 included hand histories.


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Re: VIP HH Reviews Information
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2018, 09:24:07 PM »
Guidlines for posting in the thread.

1. One hand per thread only please.

2. Include some basic info about villain and the hand if relevant.

3. Include one or two questions if relevant.

4. This forum is for cash game hands only.

Please do not post several hands per thread, leave long text walls of questions, or post SnG/MTT hands. I'll just ignore these threads in most cases.