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What is pokerweasel.com?

This is an elite training site for poker enthusiasts and professionals. We teach a no-nonsense theoretically-grounded approach to good poker strategy.

What makes pokerweasel.com unique?

If you have visited other training sites in the past you'll know that the content is often contradictory even within the site itself. It's not surprising when the bulk of the content production is outsourced to questionable players.

Pokerweasel.com offers the only complete learning path where all content is internally congruent. (Nothing is outsourced to random unknowns, or players with unintelligible accents. Everything is vetoed carefully before publishing.)

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- All pokerweasel.com video content
- Complete preflop ranges
- Complete written articles
- HM2/PT4 HUDs
- w34z3l's excel worksheet
- VIP Skype group (includes shared dropbox access)
- Private coaching discount (10%)
- H2N Death Star HUD (use H2N code H2N10HL)
- All future video content releases
- Invite to Jedi Academy CFP programme

Total package value = Over $1000

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