w34z3l's Cash Game HUD



Currently one of the best Cash Game HUDs on the net at easily the most competitive price.Your purchase includes liftetime upgrades and skype support. The HUD is available in PT4 and HM2 formats. HM3 HUD coming soon!


The Main HUD


There are 2 versions of this HUD. 

Advanced Version - For the serious grinder, a larger HUD with all detailed info contained in selection of popups. Compatible with stars, does not use Notecaddy features.

Notecaddy Version - Advanced version + Notecaddy features. Includes custom stats and badges, along with heat maps and spark graphs. (Note that many of these features will no longer work on Pokerstars or Full Tilt Poker). You will need Notecaddy for this HUD to work which is a separate purchase to HM2.


Regular HUD main panel on the right, NC version on the left.


gallery/screenshots w34z3l hud




Here is the Advanced PT4 HUD. Fully configured popups, all of the important stuff to become a profitable cash game player. HUD is provided as is, and no additional upgrades will be rolled out until PT5. Of course, support will still be provided for purchasers.

Notecaddy Version (HM2)



Documentation ---->



Advanced Version


​Advanced HUD (Non-notecaddy) $20
Notecaddy HUD (includes advanced non-notecaddy version) $50
Advanced PT4 HUD $15

H2N HUD go here. There are no resources for this yet, so please don't purchase unless you know what you are getting.