The Death Star

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This is it guys.....the best in the business. No other 6max cash game HUD has this level of detail. 


- Designed by high stakes 6max cash specialist w34z3l.

- Focuses on most relevant information (unlike HUDs designed by coders who don't play competitively).

- Over 3000 different stat definitions, along with heatmaps and postflop graphs.


- Designed carefully to be used for both population analysis and database analysis (not just play at the tables).



Price ---> Ship me a buyin, that's it!

Try for free at 4nl or lower - Get here.
25nl and Below - $25 - Get here.
50nl and Below - $50 - Get here.
100nl and Below - $100 - Get here.
200nl and Below - $200 - Get here.
500nl and Below - $500 - Get here.
Unlimited access - $1000 - Get here.