w34z3l's HM2 HUD

A comprehensive HUD + detailed panels for the HM2 tracking software.

HM2 HUD comes in a regular advanced version and a Notecaddy version. Notecaddy version has significantly more stats along with heatmaps, badges, postflop diagrams, spark graphs and scatter graphs, but naturally requires Notecaddy. Notecaddy is a separate purchase and is not included with HM2.

Advanced Version

For the serious grinder, a larger HUD with all detailed info contained in selection of popups. Compatible with Stars, does not use Notecaddy features.

Advanced HUD main panel

Notecaddy Version

Advanced version + Notecaddy features. Includes custom stats and badges, along with heat maps and spark graphs. (Note that many of these features will no longer work on Pokerstars or Full Tilt Poker). You will need Notecaddy for this HUD to work which is a separate purchase to HM2.

Notecaddy HUD main panel

Note that some additional stats were added to the main panel (as seen above) since the videos were made ;)


Installation Tutorials

Features Walkthrough


Non-notecaddy standard version --> Price: $20

Includes any required help and support with the installation. Just ship a message via the support section under the account tab

Get the HM2 HUD here (Non-notecaddy)

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Notecaddy Version --> Price: $50

Get the HM2 Notecaddy HUD here (includes the non-notecaddy version)

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